Topical Hit: in the wake of Newtown…

Hi this is Sally taking a look at the vexed problem of gun control in America

 An article posted in the New Yorker called “Making Gun Control Happen” asserts that America is now drowning in some three hundred million guns. The writer is pessimistic saying that it is almost too late now to effectively control gun ownership. You can read his article through this link:

 For an Australian perspective there are several articles on The Conversation website. Try this link to read one:

The Radio National program Law Report looks at the possibility that US law may prevent efforts to introduce greater gun control. You can listen to this or read the transcript by clicking on this link:

 A criminologist writing on The Drum website takes a different perspective. He suggests that aside from gun control, we need to examine how our social world encounters and engages with troubled young people. You can read his comments and the comments of others in response at

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