First Australian Radio Broadcast…

  Happy Birthday to Australian Radio Broadcasting!

On 23rd November 1923,  Sydney’s 2SB  was the first radio station to hit the Australian airwaves thus changing forever how we would hear about the world and also  changing furniture arrangments in lounge rooms across the developed world!

On Hear This we mention a couple of books in the collection which may be of interest….

Don’t Touch That Dial: hits ‘n’ memories of Australian Radio by Wayne Mac available to download

From the synopsis: Don’t Touch That Dial chronicles Australian radio from the days when teenagers were first seduced by the new sounds of Top 40 pop and DJs in the late 1950s. It takes you on a journey where radio went from strength to strength on AM, then FM, introducing music, news, personalities, commentators and colourful characters several of whom became household names

Spoolin’ Through: an irreverant memoir by Tim Bowden available to download

From the Synopsis: Tim Bowden spins the yarn of his life. From playing tunes on his teeth live on national radio to his days on the ground-breaking This Day Tonight and his regular encounters with Mavis Frizzletit on the much-loved Backchat, he has lived by the golden rule of broadcasting – thou shalt not bore.

Out of the Bakelite Box: the heyday of Australian Radio by Jacqueline Kent available to download

From the synopsis: This celebration of the golden years of Australian radio from World War 1 to the introduction of television, discusses some of the best-loved programs and personalities on both ABC and commercial radio.

You may also find the following interesting…

There is an ongoing project with audio and visual records provided by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and hopefully more material will become available over time … The Open Archive

Here are a couple of audio files of major events as heard on Radio… Audio Highlights from the ABC

For Oral histories from women in Australian Radio The National Film and Sound Archive  has some great material

Also from The National Film and Sound Archive, a walk down memory lane with some excerpts from songs, serials and soap operas in the The National Registry of Recorded Sound

There are also some early American and British radio shows from   The Internet Archive  with performers including Milton Berle, Orson Welles and The Marx Brothers

We have provided some shorcuts here:

The New Advenutures of Sherlock Holmes

The Adventures of Phillp Marlowe

Jack Benny


Winston Churchill Speeches and Radio Broadcasts

And finally Britain…The BBC Archive with a fantastic collection of interviews from some Titans of Literature to Titanic surviors.

Also on Hear This we had Ted McCoskey with some simple down to earth advice on the iphone and it’s uses  for the blind and for people with a Vision Impairment. With the sometimes confusing array of adaptive technology out there we welcome Ted as a regular ‘techspert’ and encourage you to send in some questions for him to answer on the show. Have a listen to Ted here….

Ted Talks Tech

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